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March 14, 2007


Ole Ostring

I think the manifesto is a valuable and necessary addition to the theory used in teaching graphic design students. It is, as Ken Garland has stated, a polemic, and it is not asking anyone to quit their current jobs. What it does, however, is create a debate.

As a student myself, I think the forthcoming graphic designers too easily accepts the status quo, much because the lack of debate in the Design business.

Maria S. Garcia

I am in disagreement with the thoughts expressed in the manifesto. While I understand that some designers may find its logic endearing, the actions called for must come within oneself in order for its ethics to matter or make a difference. There are personal intuitions that play a gigantic role as to whether the manifesto is taken as meaningful or a mere forgetful pep talk to the recipient. The designer is better off applying their efforts to the routine if they truly do not believe in the views expressed. And it’s not a matter as to whether the designer has to be completely immersed in the take charge, do or die mindset the manifesto asks for, simple actions within one's own community can be taken to make a change.

To me the manifesto is belittling and necessary to designers as needing mother’s advice to differentiate what’s good or bad in the world.

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